Cultural Lead
Chiranjeeb Deka
Assam is a place of mythical diversity. From lush green meadows it has pure concerntrated intensity of colours and music which makes it a place directly cut out from heaven.

Our band ‘PROTTIDHONI‘-a musical band comprising of numerous unheard folk songs and unseen instruments is ready to showcase the culture and heritage of Assam.The founder of PROTTIDHONI is Chiranjeeb Kashyap who is one of the lead band members of Zubeen Garg’s gig.He has taken a great step to contribute towards the upliftment of Assam‘s culture.

Portraying unity among so much of diversity,people hailing from different parts of Assam came together and joined their hands with ‘PROTTIDHONI’.

Through our band,we want to showcase and uplift the hidden beauty of Assam.As Assam has always been away from the sight of numerous people,we want to promote our culture to the world through music.

Kindly check the link given below and if you like our performance and are interested in our band then please contact in the given contact numbers.We do charge for our performances.’PROTTIDHONI’ always has something new to showcase in their performance.
‘PROTTIDHONI’-a plaintive and mesmerising band with the skill of a folk circuit veteran.
Contact no.- ........7002848495
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