Assam and Its Opportunities

Assam the green land in the North East of India is my birth place. Nature gave everything to this land. Ethnic mixed culture, language, people have made this land very much colorful   so can be called is a place of unity in diversity. The mighty river Brahmaputra, the sky touching hills, biggest river Island Majuli, the world famous one horned rhino, green teagardens make Assam unique among all other states in India and so it got a different name in all over the World.

Assam has attracted attention of many since from 16th centuries because of its rich natural resources and culture. It is the right place for someone to invest and get a good return. It is a place where British first got their oil well and till today it is giving us the uninterrupted service. The mighty river Brahmaputra is a source of power.

Many hydropower plants are running from it and making our life comfortable by providing us electricity. The fertile land of Assam is a source of agriculture from where we are continuously deriving our food for livelihood. The world-famous tea is the biggest industrial achievement. The tourism sector of Assam has its unique name because of the giant and magnificent one horned Rhino which is only found in this land of the Universe along with many other rare species.

“AAMI OXOMIA NOHOU DUKHIA’’ the beautiful quotation gave by Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika will turn into reality when each and every Assamese will contribute their individual support to make this land to improve one step ahead. We all are talented in our own ways either may be in engineering, medical, art, dance, music, sports etc. But it will be eventually fruitful when we can implement our individual talents into action.

Assam can be the biggest industrial hub if we put some little effort and ideas to utilize its can be the biggest tea industrial area if we give some time and plan how to start, how to invest and how to process. Also, it has tremendous source of flora which involves many valuable woods which are the source of furniture industry. Off course we have crude oil as one of our biggest natural resource but still outsiders are utilizing our resources and enjoying life. Why we cannot think about new technologies new ideas on our own that 100% of our own ethnic people can be benefited from this nature’s big offer and make ourselves independent.

Assam Bihu dance is world famous. If we can bring this cultural dance to the next high level than we can get another identity in worldwide. The Mugha, Silk, Eri industries are still not able to reach their expected position whereas these beautiful outfits are already accepted internationally by few countries. Only one or two persons are putting their own effort. Why we cannot be few more to give them a worldwide platform. There is huge opportunities for these garment industries in Assam as we have our own raw materials to start.

In agriculture, we are still lagging behind of other states though we have our vast fertile land. We have our Agriculture University but still we do harvest only for one season, still we don’t have technology to increase productivities .So it is time to think once again and  give our best to take these these opportunities.

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