A Corner for New Comers

Welcome to Singapore!! You have just joined the expat club of one of the most developed and safest countries of the world…., if you prefer to be away from cold, wet and windy weather, then this city is just right for you…This Lion city with endless summers never sleeps.
This tiny column is meant as a light reading to the newest members of our family. It includes my personal experiences, and a walk down memory lane of the past 22 months.


In this era of high end technology, the first thing which comes to mind, in a new place, is maneuvering with ease – to be able to hop on to a bus or a train and reaching the destination without spending time in ending up in the wrong places. The first time I got here, my husband (living here for a couple of years) handed me a MRT card. He asked me to download an app-“SG Buses”. This helped me so much that I had never thought commuting in a new city would be so easy, back then. Google maps, Uber and Grab are the other apps which are always handy.

Foodies square:

I am a big foodie. So obviously this has to be the next point…. 🙂 🙂
SG offers you a variety of cuisines ranging from burgers, fish and chips to falafel /hummus to Sushi. The Hawker Centers are popular haunts for local food among locals and expats here.
The Lau Pa Sat and Satay by the Bay are my personal favorites. Lots of Indian places and fine dining restaurants abound in many places – you are never disappointed in this city-state.

Being Touristy:

When I arrived in Singapore, the first few weekends were mostly spent like a tourist. Watching the Merlion, having dinner at Clarke, cycling in East Coast Park till my legs hurt were weekly affairs. Not mentioning the Universal Studios, Sentosa, or the Casino will be unfair. Also the Big Polar Bear of the Zoo needs a mention too 🙂 🙂 Night Safari at Singapore Zoo is recommended as well.


China Town, located in central Singapore, is thronged with red lanterns, different decorative designs and Chinese Zodiac animals during the Chinese New Year celebrations. The whole area takes on a lovely red hue. Candies, Cookies and traditional food are plentiful during this festive season. Likewise, Little India bustles with Indian music and mouthwatering street delicacies during Indian festivals such as Durga Puja, Deepavali, New Year festivals such as Pongal, Bihu and Onam.

We celebrate Bohag Bihu and Magh Bihu every year and if you like wearing Mekhela Chador or meeting the friendly Assamese Fraternity – then these occasions are not to be missed.

Outdoor parties/Picnic/Barbeque:

East Coast Park offers the best sunset view when the horizon is filled with docked ships – big and small—shining, with their reflections like lamps on the ocean. The rustling winds, barbequed food, and the roaring surf of the ocean will definitely unleash one’s creative side.

Being a Backpacker:

SG provides excellent opportunities to travel to the neighboring countries, without paying hefty air fares. There are many low cost airlines to choose from. If you are a light traveler, then just hop on a low cost carrier (even without paying check in baggage fee) and fly to any destination depending on your mood.
Hong Kong’s Disneyland is an exciting destination for couples with kids. Whether it is the beaches of Thailand or Bali, hiking in Indonesia or snowboarding in Japan, you will never be disheartened.

Before I sign off here, the fastest way to get any information is to drop us a line/message in our SG WhatsApp group or in our FB page, and help will pour in.

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