More about Assam

Assam, a northeastern state of India, is a land of exquisite flowers and rare wild animals. Renowned for its tea, wildlife and silk, Assam is a state with rich biodiversity. Assam meaning uneven is surrounded by majestic Blue Mountains and lush green valleys.

Flowing majestically along the Assam Valley is the mighty Brahmaputra. Its exceptional characteristic is it’s numerous islands including the world’s largest populated river island, Majuli. Tea which grows naturally in the upper Brahmaputra river valley was first discovered in Assam in the year 1823. Since then tea is being grown commercially. Assam produces 51% of the total tea grown in India and 20% worldwide.

Oil was struck in Assam in the year 1889 and has the oldest refinery in India and the oldest producing oil well in the world.

Executive and Action Committees

The association consists of the following committee and sub-committee:

Management Committee: This is the core committee, headed by the President, followed by 2 Vice-presidents, General Secretary and Treasurer.Action Committee: Additionally it has the following sub-committees, which help to run the day-to-day operation of the association:

  • Cultural team
  • Logistics team
  • Food committee
  • Decoration team
  • Media and PR team
  • Sports and Recreational team

A Brief History

The first Assamese family to make Singapore their home was way back in 1946. The community has since grown significantly and is now estimated to be more than 250 people.

The Assam Association Singapore was founded in 2014 and its sole objective is to foster and promote the culture and traditions of Assam, and in furtherance of this object to provide cultural, social, and recreational activities for its members.

The association is currently exploring ways to contribute and participate in various social welfare programs. It is committed to give time and effort to demonstrate its rich tradition and integrate it into the multi-cultural environment of our Little Red Dot – Singapore