Intersting Fact – Sole Producer Of Authentic Assam Silk (Muga/Eri and Endi).

Assam is the Sole Producer Of Authentic Assam Silk (Muga/Eri and Endi).

Eri silk, white Pat silk, and golden Muga silk are the pride of Assam. Weaving is done in almost every household here, either silk or the simple gamosa (the traditional white-colored cloth with red borders). Assam is said to have the largest number of weavers as compared to other parts of India. The three types of silk found in Assam are manufactured from worms that can survive only in Assam’s climate. Sualkuchi, a place near Guwahati, produces these silks in enormous quantity and, for this reason, is regarded as the Manchester of the East. This is definitely a must-visit place in Assam, and it is the best place to buy Assamese silk as well.

How to reach: It is easily accessible by road from Guwahati.

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