Interesting Fact – Jatinga-Place Of Mass Bird Suicide

Assam is the land where birds commit suicide!

You are sure to come across the name of this Assamese village called Jatinga every now and then, for the very bizzarre phenomenon that happens here – that of birds committing suicide. The small village of Jatinga that rests quietly in the Borail hills of Assam, has been witnessing this event of mass suicide by birds every winter for about 100 years. Hundreds of migratory birds fly at high speed towards trees and buildings, succumbing to death eventually. Why do they do this? That mystery still remains unsolved.

How to reach: Jatinga is located in the district of Dima Hason, approximately 330 km from Guwahati. It can be accessed by road from Guwahati.

Main attractions: The lush green scenery here is sure to leave you spell-bound, apart from the mystery of the bird mass suicide.

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