Interesting Fact – Digboi-Asia’s Oldest Refinery

Asia’s oldest refinery is located in a small town in Assam called Digboi, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Legend has it that the Britishers would tell the laborers “Dig, boy, dig!” as they dug land for crude oil, hence the name ‘Digboi’ came about. Digboi, which got its first refinery in the year 1901, came to be known as the Oil City of Assam.

This place is sure to mesmerize you with its well-developed infrastructure and cleanliness. While you are here, you must photograph the unique bungalows which were built before independence for British professionals who would visit to supervise work in the refinery. A walk amidst the greenery, oil plants, bungalows and the golf course at Digboi is a must.

How to reach: Located approximately 14 hours from Guwahati, it can be reached by road or rail.

Main Attractions: Assam Oil Corporation Limited, the bungalows, and Digboi Museum

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