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BOHAG BIHU GREETINGS 15TH April 2015   My dear family members of Assam Association of Singapore   Today I am addressing you all with a mixed feeling. We the people of Assam really wait for the whole year to our most enjoyable and colourful Rongali Bihu celebration. In our busy schedule of life there...

An Article by Honorable Adviser

An Enduring Presence By Hiren Phukan Assam, Assamese. The second word was practically unknown to most Singaporeans I met after  I first arrived in the island Republic way back in December 1982. To my astonishment, the first  word  was in common use. It had a resonance for my friends here  fa...

Assamese Culture : A Glimpse

Assamese Culture : A Glimpse The culture of Assam  is traditionally a hybrid one, developed due to cultural assimilation of different ethno-cultural groups under various politico-economic systems in different periods of history. The roots of the culture go back to almost two thousand years when the first cultural...

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