A video message from the Mr. Sarbananda Sonowal, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam.

I am happy to know that the Northeast Rongali Nite 2016 is being organized in Singapore on 21 May 2016. This is the first time that the rich and diverse culture of the North-eastern Region in India is being presented as part of a single event in Singapore.

The North-eastern region ... more »

My dear family members of Assam Association of Singapore,

Today I am addressing you all with a mixed feeling. We the people of Assam really wait for the whole year to our most enjoyable and colourful Rongali Bihu celebration. In our busy schedule of life there are very few occasions where  ... more »

The first Assamese family to make Singapore their home was way back in 1946. The community has since grown significantly and is now estimated to be more than 250 people. The Assam Association Singapore was founded in 2014 and its sole objective is to foster and promote the culture and traditions of Assam, and in…. [Read More]

The association consists of the following committee and sub-committee: Management Committee: This is the core committee, headed by the President, followed by 2 Vice-presidents, General Secretary and Treasurer.Action Committee: Additionally it has the following sub-committees, which help to run the day-to-day operation of the association: Cultural team Logistics team Food committee Decoration team Media and…. [Read More]

Assam, a northeastern state of India, is a land of exquisite flowers and rare wild animals. Renowned for its tea, wildlife and silk, Assam is a state with rich biodiversity. Assam meaning uneven is surrounded by majestic Blue Mountains and lush green valleys. Flowing majestically along the Assam Valley is the mighty Brahmaputra. Its exceptional…. [Read More]